CanStand Wants Viral!


“VIRAL” In today’s world viral is used to describe a website, a product, or a video that has become an overnight sensation via YouTube, Facebook or other popular social media sites.


    Take for instance the hugely popular video titled “Evolution of Dance - By Judson Laipply”. A very simply shot, poor quality, YouTube video of a comedian performing a silly dance routine showcasing a handful of the most popular dance moves of all time. How is it that this video created such a huge audience?  And, let’s not forget the poor kid that just left the dentist in the YouTube video aptly named “David After Dentist”. A video of 7 year old David who is extremely dazed and confused coming off his medication from surgery. There are thousands of similar videos gaining views everyday these are just two examples of how we, as individuals, share information in this age of technology.

    What makes people forward these videos? Post links to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+? How is it possible that they spread so fast? It’s interesting how our minds work, our focus so easily distracted. People take so much time out of their already busy days to watch videos and read links that they really don’t have time or good reason to even give a second thought. Is it because we are looking for an escape? Is it because one of our friends watched it and recommended it? Or is it just because we don’t want to be the only person in a conversation that hasn’t heard of, or seen it? Why does the majority of the population turn ordinary videos into viral videos? Why do millions of people live, feed, and follow the constant status updates, tweets, photos, and stories that exist on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and even Blogs? Today’s society has become a seemingly instantaneous web of information and communication. We have the capability to spread the word with such an incredibly fast rate of speed. There are a thousand different reasons why each click, like, or view is made.

    What does all this chatter about what appears to be so obvious mean? Why is this even a discussion on a blog for a product that holds an aluminum can?  It’s simple really. Everyone reading this story at some point in time, has helped send a product into viral status. If you sift through the most popular online or infomercial type products it may leave you feeling a bit weary. It almost seems that most of them seem to go viral because they are a joke or can be spoofed in some way. There are some really cheesy pointless products out there that sell by the boatload. Take a look at the viral YouTube video for the “Shake Weight” for example. It’s a completely far fetched workout device with a video that can be so easily mocked it really makes you wonder if the sole intent for the product was just to create a huge audience. Remarkably the Shake Weight has literally vibrated its way to millions of dollars in sales. With its launch in 2009 the Shake Weight effortlessly reached 40 million dollars in sales by the end of 2010! Here’s another interesting product that I bet you never knew was so successful. The “Ped Egg” is a useful product by all accounts, but check out the infomercial for it! The website is horrible and the pitch seems so corny it’s hard to even watch. So how is it that the Ped Egg has sold roughly 450 MILLION dollars worth of cheese graters for your feet?

    Keep in mind these are just two product examples that have reaped the rewards of reaching viral status.  If you are still reading this post you are probably asking yourself a handful of questions. What is the process in getting a product to go viral? Is there one simple answer? Is there one clear path to victory? CanStand is asking the same questions. How can we get this incredibly simple product that goes by the name CanStand in front of enough eyes to make it the next must have item for every household? Is it a video that depicts how the CanStand not only keeps your beverage cool under the hot sun, but keeps it up off the ground and out of harms way? Do we go to great lengths to make a video that spoofs the concept that CanStand will elevate your can off the ground and away from the army of ants at your next picnic? The biggest difference between the CanStand and the aforementioned products is very clear. First, the CanStand isn’t anywhere close to viral. Second, the CanStand isn’t being sold by the boatload. And finally, the CanStand isn’t a cheesy, poor quality, useless device that will sit on a shelf collecting dust because it didn’t live up to your expectations. The CanStand is different in every way. The CanStand is everything in countless way. There is no reason CanStand shouldn’t be the next viral product. What is the CanStand exactly?


CanStand is….

·      CanStand is hands down the best outdoor drink holder ever invented

·      CanStand takes form and function to a level the competition can’t even wrap their hands around

·      CanStand keeps your drink cooler longer and does so with unrivaled sex appeal

·      CanStand sets the bar high with its quality and usefulness in ways the copycats can’t even dream of

·      CanStand is a professional grade beverage holder that stands tall and proud holding your can day in and day out

·      CanStand pounds the hoards of wannabe outdoor beverage holders into submission

·      CanStand raises the game against armies of angry ants like nothing ever imagined

·      CanStand won’t let your drink get knocked over by your kids, your dog, or your wife ever again

·      CanStand is the beer koozy you have been looking for to set you and your friends apart

·      CanStand is the outdoor can cooler that everyone in the RV campground is dying to get their hands on

·      CanStand doesn’t care if your game is Corn Hole, Horseshoes, or Beach Volleyball it will be the best outdoor beverage holder you ever befriended  


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