Dad Does Guide To The Best Outdoor Toys Of 2013!

CanStand hasn't been around long but its fan base is steadily growing. Our most outspoken fan is Dan Nessel over at who provided us with a very positive product review shortly after our launch. 

Every year Dad Does puts together a list of what they feel is the best of the best, and CanStand made the list for 2013. 

Once you get your hands on a CanStand it becomes instantly clear that life, as you know it, will immediately change. Your entire outlook on life will be immediately enlightened. It's not every day that a product so simple can come into your life and make such an impact. CanStand is not only the best outdoor drink holder on the market but it's also the most attractively designed. With it's sleek, sexy, modern design and a color pallet to satisfy the hardest to please, CanStand out stands everything in its path.  An outdoor beverage holder unlike anything ever created, the CanStand is the helping hand your drink has been waiting for all these years. 

An outdoor beverage holder for the beach, a drink holder for your next camping trip, a beer holder for your next outdoor party scene, a drink stand for relaxing by the pool, make CanStand yours today, your life will improve with each passing second.

Take a revolutionary refreshing stand today!

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