Beach Drink Holder

Our carefully engineered CanStand helps keep your drinks cool.


What separates our product from the others?

Thats simple, we've dedicated time and effort designing and engineering a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but actually works. Something more than just a plastic plumbers pipe cup holder. The beach gets HOT, and with temperatures climbing into the high 90s you wouldn’t want to place your drink in the sand and still expect to enjoy it! When you consider the ideal temperature for most beverages being around 35 and 38 degrees, its clearly a no brainer to have it elevated using either our 17” short or 47” tall rods. By using aluminum in our CanStand , we are reflecting away the light and preventing it from reaching the interior of your beverage. Much like the aluminum used in car shades keeping your car cooler, not hotter.


Also makes a great place to store your keys, sunglasses, lotions and any other small items you don’t want lost in the sand.